Nov 26 - The Brothers War BUNDLE Sealed

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The Brothers War BUNDLE Sealed
Play Area is Open all day for Gaming

10am - 3 pm (depending on total players)

Registration Fee:
$50 + taxes

Player Cap:

We recommend players purchase their spot through our online store to guarantee a spot in the event.
Players open a The Brothers War BUNDLE and make a 40-card deck with all the contents available to them inside the The Brothers War BUNDLE. Foil Basic Lands can be replaced one for one with non-foil lands, but maximum of 8 of any basic land can be used.
The Brothers War BUNDLE Sealed

Rules Level:

4 Rounds

4-0 (12 points) - $16 Store Credit
3-0-1 (10 points) - $13 Store Credit
3-1 (9 points) - $10 Store Credit
2-1-1 or 2-0-2 (7-8 points) - $7 Store Credit
2-2 or 1-0-3 (6 points) - $4 Store Credit

Player of the Month Points:
- 5 POTM Points for participating in the event
- 3 POTM Points for each match win
- 1 POTM Point for each match draw



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