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Oct 21 - Commander Masters - Commander Booster Draft

Available Saturday, October 21 2023
Tournament, 23 left
CAD$ 55.00
  • Description
    In-Store or Online

    Registration Fee:
    $55 + taxes

    We recommend players purchase their spot through our online store to guarantee a spot in the event.
    Commander Masters - Commander Booster Draft - Each player drafts using 3 Commander Masters Draft Booster Packs
    This will use Commander Draft rules and be played in multiplayer pods of 3-5 Players

    Rules Level:

    Once you complete a Commander Game, either continue with same Pod or branch out and find new players to play with!

    $5 Online Store Credit will be added to each player's account after the event!

    Player of the Month Points earned for this event:
    - 5 POTM Points for participating in the event