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Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures

Bestiary Unleashed Miniatures

The beasts have been unleashed at the Tower, specifically the newest Pathfinder Mini set Bestiary Unleashed!
Containing some of the most iconic monsters in Pathfinder, Bestiary Unleashed brings your game to life as you collect and encounter 47 new foes.

City of Lost Omens Miniatures

Darklands Rising Miniatures

Encounter the creatures from the deepest depths of Golarion in the Darklands Rising

The Darklands are inhabited by vile and dangerous creatures from the deepest reaches of Golarion, and this set of miniatures allows you to control the all! This set is comprised of an all-new booster size, the Huge Booster, which reintroduces Huge sized creatures to the Pathfinder Battles cases. Collect all 52 figures from Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising today!

Jungle of Despair Single Miniatures

Kingmaker Single Miniatures

Legendary Adventures Miniatures

Legends of Golarion Single Miniatures

Maze of Death Miniatures

Ruins of Lastwall Miniatures

Rusty Dragon Inn Single Miniatures

Skull & Shackles Single Miniatures