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We return to present-day Dominaria, a wasteland littered with death and decay. Save the few human civilisations that managed to escape the Apocalypse, and the elves of Skyshroud forest still protected by Freyalise, there is very little life left on the shattered continent. Teferi reappears amid this ruin, and realises the Phyrexian war is over – and it is almost time for the section of Jamuura he phased out to return. However, the land seems to be dying, entirely disconnected from its mana – it is being drained by time rifts, caused by phasing out of time. In his absence, they have spring up all over the plane. Teferi is forced to give up his planeswalker spark to safely return one section of the land, however, there are many more.

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Future Sight

The quest to mend Dominaria’s temporal and planar damage continues. A temporal rift connected to an alternate Dominaria has enabled Phyrexian horrors to cross over into the present day. Freyalise is gone, having given her planeswalker's spark and her life to close that rift, thereby protecting her sanctum of Skyshroud one last time.

Planar Chaos

Dominaria’s temporal fabric is no longer fraying at the edges — it’s ripping down the middle. The time rifts have not only merged the past with the present, but also splintered the timeline into thousands of alternate histories. These divergent Dominarias overlap with the known world in bizarre ways, combining the familiar with the shockingly new. Teferi, having lost his Planeswalker's spark, still struggles to mend the planar rifts before they corrode the very structure of the multiverse.

Time Spiral

After more than its fair share of cataclysms, the plane Dominaria is in ruins. Over two hundred years ago, Phyrexia invaded the plane. In the end Phyrexia and its god, Yawgmoth, were defeated, but not before they devastated Dominaria. Salt rains from the sky and the air is poisonous. The trees are gray and rotting and covered with a sickly, fungal kudzu. The elves must subsist on mossy scraps. Their greenseekers roam Dominaria in search of any thriving plant matter, but the plains are dry salt flats blasted by windstorms. Nothing grows there. The swamps are littered with the dripping carcasses of Phyrexian horrors. Mountains are eroded down to obelisk-like spires while seas' acidic waters eat away at the solidified volcanic spurts that dot the waves.


In the Time Spiral set, Timeshifted cards make up a 121-card subset comprised entirely of pre-Mirrodin reprints, tying in with the set's theme of revisiting the past. Each card in the subset features the old 7th Edition card frame and has a new purple expansion symbol to denote their unique rarity. One Timeshifted card appears in every Time Spiral booster pack, making the cards roughly 50% rarer than rare cards, which also appear once per pack but comprise of only 80 cards. However, in the Time Spiral Preconstructed Decks, Timeshifted cards are treated as though they had their original rarity, as each deck features several of the Timeshifted cards that were originally common, including multiples of the same card.