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Since the events of Judgment, many thousands of people have migrated to Otaria in the wake of the Mirari’s power revitalising the land, and created a refugee city called Sanctum. Kamahl lives in the forest guarding the Mirari. His sister Jeska has been captured by what remains of the Cabal and is turned into Phage, a pit fighter with special abilities. She kills Nivea, beloved of the talented illusionist Ixidor, who is subsequently thrown out by the Cabal for gambling debts and left to die. He accidentally manifests his rage and heartache into a real angel, Akroma, whom he tasks with the mission of avenging his lost love.

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Kamahl knows he has to act. The conflict between Phage and Akroma threatens to consume all of Otaria. All armies have converged and are ready for war. Breaking his deep meditation in the Krosan forest, Kamahl races to the scene of battle between his fallen sister and the arcane angel. Just as the two women are about to trade blows, Kamahl strikes, cutting both women with a single blow to end the feud, but ancient, unseen forces intervene and fuse the two women into an immensely powerful being: Karona.


The illusionist Ixidor has been banished to a mystic imprisonment and the weary Kamahl retreats into the Krosan Forest where the magic of the Mirari continues to intensify and mutate all life on Otaria. In the midst of this turmoil, the stage is set for an epic confrontation between Phage and Akroma who will stop at nothing to destroy each other once and for all. Their personal conflict has gone beyond hatred as they both draw armies to their sides, some with promises of glory, and others with false promises of hope.


The Battle for the Mirari, a mysterious and powerful artifact, has ended. The mighty barbarian Kamahl has been embraced by the Krosan Forest and claims the Mirari in its name - but his trials aren't over yet. The Cabal still holds the continent of Otaria firmly in its merciless grip, and fearsome new threats have appeared along with a new enemy - Ixidor the master illusionist.