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Odyssey is set 100 years after the invasion. Karn has left a probe on Otaria, a small continent on Dominaria, so he will be able to keep an eye on its progress, and left to create his own artificial plane, Argentum. This set introduces us to the new world a century after the war, with its new civilizations that have sprung up in the wake of disaster – and new enemies in the form of the Cabal, a sect of humans that practice dark magic. We meet Kamahl, the protagonist of the block, a young man with a thirst for adventure.

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Judgment follows the story of Kamahl, who, in keeping truth to his promise made to a dying Chainer, keeps the Mirari safe from others and from himself. Several characters, including Laquatus and Eesha, attempt to obtain the potent orb for themselves; and, Kamahl's sister and mentor, Jeska and Balthor, endeavor to separate the Mirari from Kamahl, for fear of the corrupting influence that the orb has on Kamahl.


Torment presents the tale of Chainer, a Cabal dementia summoner, discovering the Mirari and rising through the ranks of the Cabal, rivaling the Cabal Patriarch himself, and his subsequential fall. Meanwhile Kamahl befriends Chainer, with whom he trains as a pit fighter and fights as an ally within the pits. All the while, Laquatus plots to gain control of the Mer Empire for himself.


In leaving behind the Pardic Mountains, where age-old territorial skirmishes between the barbarians and dwarves continue to rage on, Kamahl leaves his sister Jeska; and, in an attempt to make a name for himself, Kamahl will forge new alliances, make new friends, lose friends, and irrevocably change his fate and fortune as well as that of the continent, in no small part due to the alluring and mysterious Mirari, a magical orb that calls out to all who gaze upon it and fills their heads with delusions of grandeur and dreams of conquest.