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Mirrodin is set in a plane of the same name. After Karn took the Mirari back to Argentum, the plane he created, he used it for the core of a new guardian, Memnarch, whom he left in charge of the plane whilst he went away planeswalking. Memnarch unfortunately went mad due to Phyrexian oil that Karn had trailed behind him and renamed Argentum to Mirrodin, and began stealing other life forms to populate it. The plane combines metal and organic matter in both its environments and its citizens. It has four suns in all colours of mana except green. We are introduced to Glissa Sunseeker, a young elf resident on Mirrodin.

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Fifth Dawn

Glissa, Bosh and Slobad journey deep within Mirrodin's core to confront the insidious Memnarch. With them is the Kaldra avatar—an immensely powerful being of energy summoned when Kaldra's sword, shield, and helm were brought together. With a single spell, Memnarch seizes the avatar and turns it on Glissa and her companions. As rage and despair overcome her, Glissa's body calls forth a great column of green mana from Mirrodin's core, annihilating the avatar in the process. Now that mana hangs overhead in a glowing sphere—the green sun at last, Mirrodin's fifth dawn.


"The world . . . is . . . hollow." This is the secret that Chunth, the Tel-Jilad troll elder, entrusts to Glissa Sunseeker before his death at the hands of a traitor. Armed with that knowledge, Glissa fights her way through the great vedalken capital of Lumengrid, down into the Pool of Knowledge, leading to Mirrodin's secret interior. As Glissa flees from her vedalken pursuers, she discovers another secret inside this plane. Memnarch is real, and he patiently waits for the elvish champion to find him


The setting for Mirrodin is a plane by the same name, an artificial world created by the planeswalker Karn, and named after the Mirari by Memnarch. Mirrodin's environments and inhabitants mix organic and metallic. Mirrodin is orbited by four satellites, which are called suns and moons interchangeably, that correspond to red, black, white and blue magic. Green was notably absent. Glissa Sunseeker, the finest hunter and perhaps the most skilled warrior of the elves, begins her story to find out why the monstrous "levelers" seek to destroy her. It is this search for answers that will begin to uncover the mysteries within Mirrodin.