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We return to the Weatherlight as they have crash-landed on Mercadia. The ship is stolen by a tribe called the Cho-Arrim, along with a crew member Orim. The rest of the crew are arrested and taken to the capital. Much dealing and backstabbing takes place in Mercadia City, and eventually, the crew are sent on a raid with the Mercadian army to take back the ship, which is successful, and the army indiscriminately kill almost every member of the Cho-Arrim. They feel uneasy about this, and Orim opts to stay with the remainder of the tribe, having fallen in love with its leader. The crew bargain for parts with the local merfolk tribe, repair their ship, and escape Mercadia.

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Prophecy is set on the plane of Dominaria. Keld has declared war on Jamuraa. The city-states of Jamuraa form the Kipamu League and then repulse the invaders.


The Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria is nearing; the Dark Lord's plans are almost complete. Only the Planeswalker Urza stands in his way. Rath's Evincar Volrath has abandoned his post, sparking a brutal contest among his would-be successors. Phyrexia has chosen Crovax to take Volrath's place, bestowing terrible new powers on the bloodthirsty noble. Crovax must still prove his worth, however, before he can claim the position. Meanwhile, Rath's rebels have united in the name of Eladamri, Lord of Leaves, in order to break free of Phyrexia's tyranny once and for all.

Mercadian Masques

The Weatherlight's troubles continue as it crash-lands on a strange new plane. The ship is attacked by the Cho-Arrim, who steal the ship. Finally, soldiers from Mercadia City arrive to arrest the crew. Meanwhile, Orim, who was captured with the ship, learns more about her captors. Their leader Cho-Manno explains that he took the Weatherlight's arrival as a sign prophesying the return of the sky god Ramos and the end of Mercadian rule.