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Yawgmoth begins his assault on Dominaria. Phyrexian warriors are pouring onto the plane through a portal, and its inhabitants look to Urza for guidance. Urza, his hopes hinging entirely on the missing Weatherlight crew, gathers together the Nine Titans – the other planeswalkers currently living on Dominaria – in an attempt to stay the Phyrexian’s power. Barrin, the master wizard, destroys all of Tolaria and himself with it, to hide the secrets of the Academy from the invaders. After a battle at Koilos, the portal to Phyrexia is closed.

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Following Gerrard and the Weatherlight's victory at Koilos and the death of Hanna, Yawgmoth unleashes the Apocalypse on Dominaria by coming to the world himself, and raising the dead from the earth. As this was after a war that lasted a few years, there were many, many dead.


The Phyrexian invasion is in full swing, and despite some early victories, Urza and the armies of Dominaria are losing. As the struggle rages, portions of the artificial plane Rath begin appearing in Dominaria, bringing hordes of Phyrexian reinforcements into the battle.


As the hordes of Phyrexia begin pouring into Dominaria,the world looks to Urza, planeswalker and master artificer, for defense against the onslaught. As entire cultures fall under the Phyrexian hell, Urza gathers heroes, renegades, common folk, and powerful artifacts to fight the invasion.