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Commander 2019 - Mystic Intellect

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  • Description

    Blue, White, and Red are the primary “spells matter” colors in Magic, which make them the perfect colors for a flashback-focused deck. More than a third of “Mystic Intellect” is made up of non-creature spells, most of which you can cast from your graveyard. It also includes creatures (such as Talrand and Guttersnipe) and enchantments (such as Jace’s Sanctumand Burning Vengeance) that reward you for casting instants and sorceries. Besides spells with flashback, you’ll also find spells with the retrace, aftermath, and jumpstart mechanics, so you can get maximum value out of your graveyard.

    Like a lot of “spells matter” creatures, Sevinne is small but mighty: he protects himself in combat and allows you to copy instants and sorceries that you cast from your graveyard. But, if you’re looking for a different commander for your spells deck, “Mystic Intellect” comes with options. Elsha of the Infinite might be more your style!