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Commander 2019 - Merciless Rage

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  • Description

    We have the lone two-color deck in Commander 2019: “Merciless Rage.” This deck’s primary commander is Anje Falkenrath, a vampire from Innistrad who cares about spells with madness. “Merciless Rage” features 23 spells with the madness mechanic, so you can use Anje‘s ability several times in a turn.

    Of course, this deck doesn’t just want to discard cards for the fun of it. “Merciless Rage” also includes cards that care about creatures in graveyards. Greven prompts you to sacrifice creatures to draw cards, and Chainer allows you to cast creatures from your graveyard. The deck also contains spells like The Eldest Reborn and Beacon and Unrest, which can reanimate creatures from any graveyard.