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Digimon Double Pack Set Vol. 2 (PRE-ORDER)

Available Friday, February 16 2024
Brand New, 2 left
CAD$ 17.99
  • Description

    ❶ A Double Pack Set for BT15!

    Just like DP01 for BT14, DP02 has the same specifications and release period as BT15!


    ❷ Includes 2 BT15 booster packs plus 1 exclusive alt-art card!

    1 exclusive alt-art card from a total of 6 different types is randomly inserted! In addition to the appeal of the Booster Packs, the inclusion of this exclusive promotional card gives incentive for repeat purchases.



    • Booster Pack [BT-15] x 2

    • 1 PR card

    mon: x34

    Rare: x23

    Super Rare: x18

    Secret Rare: 3

    Total : 124 card types total

    *Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types