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Nov 11 - Digimon Blast Ace Prerelease Event

Available Saturday, November 11 2023
Tournament, 16 left
CAD$ 35.00
  • Description
    In store or online

    Saturday 1pm - 6 pm(depending on total players)

    Registration Fee:
    $30 + taxes

    We recommend players purchase their spot through our online store to guarantee a spot in the event.
    One Piece - Blast Ace Prerelease Sealed

    Rules Level:

    Structure: Variable Expected # of Rounds

    9-16 Players - 4 Rounds

    17-32 Players - 5 Rounds

    33-48 Players - 6 Rounds

    Once the number of players who have won all their matches is reduced to 1, the qualifying rounds end and final player placement is calculated.

    1st Place - + Store Credit to be determined
    2nd Place to 4th Place - + Store Credit to be determined
    5th Place to 8th Place - + Store Credit to be determined
    All Participants - TBD