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Magic Singles » Zendikar Rising Singles (Ships Sep 25th) » Zendikar Rising - Expeditions (Ships Sep 25th)

Each Expedition found in Expedition Box Toppers is a non-foil and has been treated with a stunning, smooth high-gloss varnish treatment on elements of the frame.

The Zendikar Rising Expedtions are 30 lands picked from among the best lands ever printed in Magic. They each feature the Zendikar Expedition expansion symbol. This distinction from the Zendikar Rising symbol is to indicate and remind players that they aren't legal in Standard, as this printing of Expeditions doesn't impact what formats these cards are legal in.

Expedition Box Toppers are available in foil and non-foil! These foil Expeditions have the same high-gloss varnish treatment as their non-foil counterparts and contain the same set of 30 cards.

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