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The planeswalker Feroz came across Ulgrotha, the once-beautiful plane now destroyed by the Wizards' Wars. At the last unspoilt oasis on this plane he met fellow planeswalker Serra, whom he married. Together they worked to restore the plane, and to protect it, Feroz's Ban was created. Later, Feroz died during a lab accident, and the grief-stricken Serra abandoned the plane. In her absence the isolated civilizations of the plane fight amongst each other while the vampire Baron Sengir plots to take control of the plane under the fading Ban of Feroz.

Fallen Empires

After the Brothers' War, on the Dominarian continent of Sarpadia, the Ice Age is approaching. The changing climate results in dwindling resources and fighting amongst allies for survival.

The Dark

The climax of the Brothers' War was the Sylex Blast, which lofted debris into the air blotting out the sun and creating The Dark. Without the sun the climate begins to cool, and an anti-magic religion comes to power, blaming the Sylex blast and its effects on all magic and its users. Persecution of these magic using wizards led to the creation of the fabled City of Shadows in the east and the Conclave of Mages in the west, where they hid themselves during this time.


Like any other world, Dominaria has its Legends. In this new expansion you'll meet Johan, Gabriel Angelfire, Sivitri Scarzam, Hunding, and many more. As you delve into Dominaria's mythology, you'll discover 310 new spells, artifacts, and creatures with the power to defy death. So enter the world of Legends and join the heroes in the struggle for Dominaria!


Ancient artifacts of the Thran Empire are discovered on the continent of Terisiare, including many advanced machines of war. Two brothers, Urza and Mishra, discover a stone in the Caves of Koilos; but, when they disturb it, it splits in two—Mightstone and Weakstone—unleashing the evil of Phyrexia on Dominaria. The ancient machines of the Thran are employed in battle once again as the Brothers' War takes place, an epic war between Urza and Mishra for control of both halves of the stone. The war culminates in the Sylex Blast, plunging the world into the Ice Age.

Arabian Nights

With this set, players can relive the tales of Sindbad and Aladdin, battle powerful djinns and efreets, and journey to strange lands like the Island of Wak-Wak and the Diamond Valley. Featuring some of the most powerful cards ever printed, like Library of Alexandria and Juzam Djinn, Arabian Nights was a fitting beginning to the long tradition that is Magic: The Gathering expansion sets.