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Welcome Deck 2016 is a 16-card reprint set which accompanies the release of the Shadows over Innistrad block as well as the Kaladesh block.
These cards, numbered 001 to 016, do not appear in booster packs, but are Standard-legal as long as Shadows over Innistrad is Standard-legal
All cards are mono-coloured and each colour has one common, one uncommon and one rare except for black which has two commons instead.

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Soul of the Harvest
Artist: | Card Number: 14/16 | Card Type: Creature Elemental | Color: Green | Condition: | Cost: 4GG | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Soul of the Harvest | Pow/Tgh: 6/6' | Rarity: R | Set Name: Welcome Deck 2016
Condition: NM-Mint, English CAD$ 0.59 x 4