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In battling the minotaur horde, players can use up to three Hero Cards from any of the five earlier Quests. They may only use each Hero Card once.[3] Defeating the Horde means they've earned another Hero Card.
The Horde has no life. Instead, for each 1 damage one card from the Horde's deck is put into the graveyard. You win when the Horde has no cards left in the deck and no more creatures on the battlefield.

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Refreshing Elixir
Artist: Daren Bader | Card Number: 14/15 | Card Type: Artifact | Color: Colorless | Condition: | Cost: | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Refreshing Elixir | Pow/Tgh: | Rarity: C | Set Name: Battle the Horde
Condition: NM-Mint, English CAD$ 0.29 x 1