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Mirage takes us to an entirely different part of Dominaria, Jamuura. It introduces the planeswalker Teferi and his island, which have both mysteriously phased out of existence. Three spellcasters set out to look for him; Mangara, Jolrael and Kaervek. They discover three warring cities nearby and Mangara diplomatically brings an end to the conflict, however, Kaervek plots to overthrow him, and with Jolrael’s assistance traps him in an amber prison, beginning the Mirage War.

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Four thousand years after Urza and Mishra reopened the portal to Phyrexia, the evil lord Yawgmoth sits poised to invade his one-time home-Dominaria. The plane's only hope for survival is a cache of powerful artifacts known collectively as the Legacy. When put together to assemble a powerful dooms-day weapon, these artifacts will have the potential to destroy the dark powers that will try to invade the planet. The focal point of this weapon is a flying ship called Weatherlight, and its intrepid crew searches the planes to find all of the pieces of the Legacy before the invasion commences.


The story continues the struggle between the nations of Jamuraa against the evil Kaervek, only now Femeref has been destroyed and Suq'Ata and Zhalfir begin to have internal problems as well. There is hope, however, when Kaervek's ally Jolrael betrays him at the urging of the planeswalker Teferi. Jamuraa's leaders, led by Jolrael's visions, free Mangara from the Amber Prison and begin to fight against Kaervek.


Mirage stands apart from the rest of Magic for its tropical African-themed setting, outlining the three nations of Femeref, Zhalfir, and Suq'Ata. The storyline begins with the disappearance of the planeswalker Teferi and the three powerful spellcasters — Mangara, Jolrael, and Kaervek — who come looking for him, setting off the events that would lead to the Mirage War.