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Rise of the Eldrazi

Rise of the Eldrazi is the fifty-third Magic expansion was released in April 2010 as the third set in the Zendikar block. Rise of the Eldrazi is set like its predecessors Zendikar and Worldwake on the plane of Zendikar and continues the story line from those sets. However, unlike other third sets in a block, Rise of the Eldrazi is a large expansion and contains 248 cards.


Worldwake is the second set in the Zendikar block and is the fifty-second Magic expansion. Worldwake is, like its predecessor Zendikar, centered around lands. Thematically it emphasizes Manlands and cards that turn lands into creatures.


Zendikar is the fifty-first Magic expansion and was released in October 2009 as the first set in the Zendikar block. Zendikar is based on the plane of the same name which had not been featured previously in Magic. The plane is littered with large, floating polyhedron-shaped stones called Hedrons, prominently featured in the artwork. Little is known of these Hedrons as not even the people native to the plane know about their purpose. The floating stones however are also an indicator of the fact that gravity is different on Zendikar than on other planes.