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Future Sight

Future Sight is the third expansion in the Time Spiral block and forty-third Magic: The Gathering expansion. It was released on May 4, 2007, and contains 180 cards, as was customary at the time of its release for small sets, of which 81 cards are "futureshifted".

Planar Chaos

Planar Chaos is the forty-second Magic expansion and was released in February 2007 as the second set in the Time Spiral block. The theme of this expansion is "the present"; to fit the theme of of the block, "time", each "timeshifted" card in this set (sometimes also called "colorshifted") is the same as a previously printed card except in a different color (and possibly with a different creature type, or referencing a different color or land type in its abilities).


In the Time Spiral set, Timeshifted cards make up a 121-card subset comprised entirely of pre-Mirrodin reprints, tying in with the set's theme of revisiting the past. Each card in the subset features the old 7th Edition card frame and has a new purple expansion symbol to denote their unique rarity. One Timeshifted card appears in every Time Spiral booster pack, making the cards roughly 50% rarer than rare cards, which also appear once per pack but comprise of only 80 cards. However, in the Time Spiral Preconstructed Decks, Timeshifted cards are treated as though they had their original rarity, as each deck features several of the Timeshifted cards that were originally common, including multiples of the same card.

Time Spiral

Time Spiral is the fourty-first Magic expansion and was released in October 2006 as the first set in the Time Spiral block. It includes 301 all new cards and a 121 "timeshifted" bonus reprint subset that are distributed in 15-card boosters including ten commons, three uncommons, one rare and one purple-rarity timeshifted card. Most of the cards in this expansion reference previous cards in some way.