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Judgment is the twenty-seventh Magic expansion and was released in May 2002 as the third set in the Odyssey block. The Judgment set is the green and white set, which balances out the bias towards black created by the Torment set. There are more green cards and white cards than any other color. There are fewer black cards (green and white's shared enemy) than any other color. White and Green each have 33 cards, blue and red each have 27 and black has only 16 cards in the entire set. All the multicolored cards are both green and white, and all lands are related to green and white.


Torment is the twenty-sixth Magic expansion and was released in 2002 as the second set in the Odyssey block. The set is unusual in having an imbalance in distribution of the color of cards. In general, the set is themed as the Black set featuring more black cards (40) than any other color while black's allies on the Color Wheel, Blue and Red have more cards (28 each) than black's enemies White and Green (21 each). The black cards are also comparatively more powerful than cards of the other colors.


Odyssey is the twenty-fifth Magic expansion and was released in September 2001 as the first set in the Odyssey block. Odyssey introduced the keywords "threshold", which gave all cards with the ability additional bonuses once seven or more cards were in their controller's graveyard; and "flashback", which allowed instants and sorceries to be replayed from within the graveyard.