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Hour of Devastation

With the setting of Amonkhet's second sun, Nicol Bolas returns to the plane. But while his loyal followers expect salvation in the coming hours, they are instead treated to damnation as the Elder Dragon's undead servants arise and strike down the living - mortal and god alike. While the survivors scramble to find some hope of escape in the ruins of their city, the Gatewatch races to stop Nicol Bolas' schemes, and put an end to the dragon once and for all.

Masterpiece Series: Hour of Devastation Invocations


Following the trail of Nicol Bolas, the Gatewatch are brought to a desert plane of the Elder Dragon's own design, Amonkhet. There, they find a culture that worships Bolas, and a people who eagerly throw themselves into the deadly Five Trials in search of a promised afterlife. But all isn't as it seems, as the Gatewatch soon finds a deeper history of a plane that has suffered under the gaze of the "God Pharaoh" Nicol Bolas.

Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations