Magic Sealed Products

Browse all Magic: The Gathering sealed products, such as booster boxes and packs, fat packs, intro decks, etc. here! Many of these items are also available for pre-order to guarantee you get what you want, when you want it! Please note that products in the category require Expedited Shipping and free shipping does not apply.

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Booster Boxes

FACTORY SEALED. These boxes have not been tampered with in any way.

Booster Packs

A booster pack, depending on the expansion set, contains 8 to 16 cards of that set. FACTORY SEALED. These packs have not been tampered with in any way, straight out of a booster box.

Boxed Products

Boxed MTG Products

Brawl Decks

Brand new 60-Card pre-constructed Brawl Commander decks!

Bundles and Fat Packs

FACTORY SEALED. These packs have not been tampered with in any way, straight out of a booster box.

Challenger Decks

Like event decks before, challenger decks are built with more tournament-play competitive players in mind. The 75-card decks are geared toward Standard play for the Friday Night Magic player. They are intended to be playable and competitive at a local level right out of the box.

Commander Decks

Commander is the official title for what was previously known as Elder Dragon Highlander, a casual fan-made and maintained format that has been around for many years. While the format will still be maintained and controlled by the players, Wizards will be releasing Commander decks that will include some older commons and uncommons that, while not particularly valuable, are harder to find due to their age. In addition, 51 new Eternal format legal cards will be included among the decks.

Duel Decks

FACTORY SEALED. These packs have not been tampered with in any way, straight out of a booster box.

Event Decks

Event Decks let you enter the world of tournament play knowing you've got a powerful deck designed to let you be immediately competitive. Each Event Deck contains 60 powerful cards and a supplemental 15-card sideboard. Rest assured that each one of these weapons was handpicked to inflict pain upon any opponent who takes you on.

From the Vault Sealed Products

From the Vault is a series of box sets, formally released on an annual basis in late August. Each box set contains 15 tournament-legal, black-bordered, holographic foil cards with a common theme. Some of these cards feature novel alternate artwork.

Planeswalker Decks

Planeswalker Decks acquaint players who are interested in Magic with basic strategy, the game's settings, and characters, and include a premium foil Planeswalker card.

Prerelease Kits

Old Prerelease kits that become available to sell after the prerelease events. So much promo fun!

Random Boxes

Boxes containing randomly chosen Commons/Uncommons from various Magig the Gathiring sets.

Newsletter Secret Deals

These are the items on sale via the Weekly Newsletter.