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Commander is the official title for what was previously known as Elder Dragon Highlander, a casual fan-made and maintained format that has been around for many years. While the format will still be maintained and controlled by the players, Wizards will be releasing 5 Commander decks that will include some older commons and uncommons that, while not particularly valuable, are harder to find due to their age. In addition, 51 new Eternal format legal cards will be included among the 5 decks.

Commander Anthology

Commander Anthology Vol. II

Commander's Arsenal

Veteran and aspiring commanders alike will find a haul of treasures inside the Commander’s Arsenal. Up your game with oversized legendary creature cards, a specialized life counter, card sleeves, and more. Best of all, you get 18 premium cards for your decks, some of which have been given foil treatment for the first time.

Commander 2013

There are five new one hundred-card decks in this release, each will contain fifteen new cards to Magic. Where the first release had five decks which were wedges from the mana pie (that is one color and its two enemy colors.) These five decks all follow are a central color of mana and its two allies, what we refer to as shards of the color pie. There are going to be, in total, 51 new cards legal in Eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy) but they are not legal in Standard, Block Constructed, or Modern. Want to see two of them? Visit and see what we revealed this past weekend at San Diego ComicCon and PAX Australia!

Commander 2014

For the first time, you can lead your forces with a Planeswalker commander in this exciting multiplayer Magic format. Dominate the battlefield with new combinations of strength and skill. Fight wisely, for only one commander will prevail. Singles from the new Commander 2014 Decks!

Commander 2015

Singles from the Commander 2015 Deck released November 13th, 2015. Commander 2015 features five enemy colored 100-card decks (342 different cards). There are 56 new cards legal in Vintage and Legacy. Each of the five preconstructed decks comes with one oversized foil Commander card, 10 double-faced tokens, a deck storage box, a strategy insert, a rules reference card and 15 new cards.

Commander 2016

Singles from the five new Commander 2016 Decks

Commander 2017

Commander 2018

Commander Oversized Cards

These are the oversized cards from the Commander decks. They are not tournament legal and are used to represent a player's commander in the command zone.