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Eventide is the forty-seventh Magic expansion and was released July 25, 2008, as the second set, of two, in the Shadowmoor block. Eventide continues with setting and themes already established in Shadowmoor except that the hybrid spells used in this set are enemy-colored as opposed to Shadowmoor's ally-colored. A large quantity of Mega Cycles are embedded in the two sets, with ten cards total, five allied-colored in Shadowmoor and five enemy-colored in Eventide.


Shadowmoor is the forty-sixth Magic expansion and was released in May 2008 as the first set in the Shadowmoor block. Shadowmoor takes place on the plane of the same name, which is a reflection of Lorwyn, the setting of the previous block. It is also a large expansion released in May, when usually a small expansion is released. Shadowmoor reboots mechanically and does not take over any mechanics or themes from Lorwyn and often inverts them, such as the case of power/toughness modifying counters. While Lorwyn had a subtheme promoting and heavily using +1/+1 counters, Shadowmoor uses -1/-1 counters instead.