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Apac Land Promos

APAC (Asia-Pacific) lands are alternate art basic lands that were available to people living in the Asia-Pacific region. The cards were available in three packs: red, blue, and clear. These packs were given to purchasers of boxes of Tempest boosters. The artwork features scenes from around the Asia-Pacific region

Arena Promos

In order to increase the attractiveness of joining the Arena League, promotional cards were given out. In 1996, participants received one of five alternate art basic lands randomly at the beginning of each season. The best player of a season was additionally given an alternate art Disenchant, the second best player was awarded an alternate art Fireball.

Book Insert Promos

Various Promos that were available in Magic: The Gathering novels and comic books.

Euro Land Promos

Euro lands are alternate art lands that were available to people living in Europe. Their artwork features scenes from around this region. The cards were available in three packs: blue, red, and purple. These packs were given to European purchasers of boxes of Nemesis, Prophecy, and Invasion boosters.

FNM Promos

The Friday Night Magic program was created to offer a low-level DCI sanctioned tournament environment. Every Friday in registered shops all over the world, small tournaments with at least eight people are held by the shop owners. Participants compete against each other in formats such as Standard, Modern, Sealed Deck, and Booster Draft.

Guru Land Promos

The Guru program was initiated by Wizards to promote Magic more effectively. For every 10 Guru points, the Guru received one randomly chosen Guru land and one booster of the latest expert-level Magic set. Wizards of the Coast kept a record which lands had been rewarded to ensure that after 50 Guru points each Guru had a complete set of Guru lands.
Each of the Guru lands were illustrated by Terese Nielsen. The lands show five stages of a "double eclipse."

JSS Promos

The JSS ran from October 1997 to 2007 and replaced the Junior Pro Tour program (which ran from 1996 to 1997 and was open to players 18 and younger) Players that already had earned Pro Points were not allowed to participate. In North America, the Junior Super Series were replaced by the Magic: The Gathering Scholarship Series (MSS). All players received a Premium alternate art Card. The first through eighth place finishers each received a different Premium Card alternate art card. Additional packs of Magic: The Gathering boosters were awarded to top players. The winner received a $500 college scholarship and an invitation to the Junior Super Series Championship.

Judge Promos

The Judge Gift cards were handed out or mailed to judges for judging at magic tournaments and events. All of the cards are foil, and for some cards it's the first available printing in foil. For many cards, the Judge Gift printing was the first time they were printed using the then-current (8th Edition onward) card frame, or original card frame, for select cards that were printed originally with the new card frame. Starting with Armageddon in 2004 and ending with the basic lands from 2014, all Judge Gift cards were printed with the 8th Edition to Conspiracy card frame. Starting with the 2015 promos, all cards were printed using the newest card frame (Magic 2015 onward), unless otherwise noted.
As with most printings, cards are printed with the current Oracle rules wording at the time of the printing.

MPS Promos

The Magic Premiere Shop program, or MPS, was a promotional program to promote and encourage increased play in the Japanese Magic community.It debuted in 2006 with Ravnica-themed, foil basic lands displaying the names and symbols of the guilds. Later MPS promos featured setting-specific alternate art basic lands themed to the plane of that year's expansion. This program was discontinued as of April 30, 2012.

Oversized Promos

Not tournament legal. These oversized promos were inserted in Duelist magazines and distributed as box toppers.

Player Rewards Promos

The Magic Player Rewards program was set up by Wizards of the Coast to promote play in DCI tournaments. It replaced the Legend Membership Program. Promotional cards were sent to eligible players based on the number of DCI-sanctioned tournaments in which they participated.
The first phase of the program, two tokens were earned for every five tournaments in which enrolled members participated. It is important to note that at the time, official tokens were not widely available and had only been included in booster packs of Unglued. Special foil or alternate art cards were awarded for participation in twenty events.
The next phase of the program replaced the tokens with textless, extended or alternate art premium cards. The reward for participation in twenty events remained normal format (not textless) until 2007, when those too became textless and foil.

Prerelease & Release Promos

Prerelease cards could have a mix of several of these qualities: foiled, the inclusion of a foiled shooting star symbol, alternate art from that which appears in the set, or a foiled watermark in the text box.
Prerelease cards are often creatures that highlight some new aspect of the set. Since the creation of Prerelease Packs, many modern sets have had more than one possible prerelease card per set.
Beginning with Khans of Tarkir, prerelease cards had gone from being an advertised selling point to being mostly hidden information prior to the prerelease tournament. The number of possible prerelease cards per set also increased drastically. This was done for playability reasons, as the prerelease cards are now playable in one's card pool at prerelease tournaments. From Battle for Zendikar on, this was further increased to a stamped version of any rare or mythic rare card from the set.

Token Promos

Promotional tokens from Magic's past and present

Unique & Misc. Promos

Wizards of the Coast has released many exciting promos over the years from Buy-a-Box promos, Intro Pack Promos to GP promos.

Ugin's Fate Promos

Promos received from Ugin's Fate boosters.