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These cards have the 1994 copyright date before the artist name but without the "Wizards of the Coast Inc, all rigths reserved". When the Revised Edition was in production in 1994, a number of problems with the set became apparent. Some cards' colors were washed-out. The picture and color foreground for the Serendib Efreet were wrong (not that this was the first such misprint), and there was a growing concern with the Satanic images on some of the cards. The solution was to print a "fixed" version of Revised Edition, code named "Edgar", which has since came to be known as Summer Magic because it was printed in the summer of 1994. The cards were distributed in regular Revised Edition boosters, but no Summer Edition starters were produced. Despite its intended function as a fixed Revised Edition, there were problems with Summer Magic. On some cards, the colors were too dark. Furthermore, Hurricane was printed as a blue card and thereby became the most famous and most desired Summer Magic card of all. The Serendib Efreet had its artwork corrected, but the artist name was still wrong, as was that of Plateau (which had, uniquely out of the cards in Revised, received new art, but not an updated artist credit to reflect that). Because of all these flaws, the entire print run was recalled and destroyed which led to Revised Edition shortage in 1994. However, a few booster boxes survived. Summer Magic cards can best be recognized by their 1994 copyright date.

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