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Here you can find every card we are buying and what we will pay you for it.

How do I sell cards to Wizard's Tower? Watch our tutorial video here: Tutorial - Submitting a Buylist. (Please read carefully)

    1. Make sure you are in selling mode.  At the top of the frame it will say "You are currently browsing to sell us cards".  If you followed the Buylist link to get here you should see it now.
    2. You can easily find the cards we are buying two ways:

A. Use the search bar to look for a specific card.

B. Use the product links in the right sidebar to browse through a set or block of cards

If you don't see the card you are looking for, we are not buying that card at this time.  We change the buylist often so check back if you don't see it right away.

    1. Once you find the card you are looking to sell, just add it to your cart.  Each card will display how many we are looking to buy and the price we are offering.
    2. To Edit your cart or Checkout click the "View Buylist / Submit" link in your Cart Summary section.  You can change the quantities or remove cards that you do not wish to sell before checking out.
    3. Once you are ready, follow the prompts to complete Checkout.
    4. After you submit your order we will review it and send an approval email to the email used in Checkout.  Please review the approval email as we reserve the right to make changes. See below for details on why cards might be removed during the approval process. Cards must be sorted in the order you see in this email before mailing or bringing in the cards.
    5. Please send your cards to us within 3 business days to ensure fast payment. Cards not received within 10 business days after approval may be subject to a change in price if our needs have changed or potential cancellation of the buylist.  You will be contacted to inquire if you are okay with the change in price for any card price we are looking to change. Any buylist received within 10 days is guaranteed at the approved price.

      Please send your cards to:
      Wizard's Tower
      3350 Fallowfield Road
      Nepean, On
      K2J 5L1


    1. You will receive an email notification when we receive your cards and again when we grade your cards.  Please only ship us cards that are NM. All prices shown are for NM cards.  Non-Foil cards with a buylist price of 0.26 or higher will be accepted in SP(84%) and MP(68%) condition at our discretion.  Rejected cards will be returned to you at your shipping cost.
    2. Cards could be removed from the buylist during the approval process if we already have enough copies coming in from other customers. This happens because unlike when customers buy cards from us, cards that customers are selling to us to do not get added to inventory until we receive them. This could lead to multiple customers and instances of the same card trying to be sold to us. To negate this, we may remove items from your buylist during the approval process.
    3. You could see a difference in the price and grading of cards from the first processed email to the final email. This is because we do two passes for grading on all cards coming into the store for grading accuracy purposes. This could cause some cards to be corrected during the second grading process.
    4. Only NM condition Foils will be accepted. Any Foils not in NM condition will be returned to you at your shipping cost.
    5. WIzard's Tower does not allow anyone to cash out any existing or new Store Credit in exchange for cash.
    6. All rejected cards will be held for 60 days and are the responsibility of the sender to have them returned at their cost.  After 60 days any rejected cards not returned to sender will be donated to local players in our community.

      You can view a description of our condition guide here
      If you are not sure what condition one of your cards is in, feel free to email us a photo before submitting your order and we will be happy to give a preliminary grade.  This grade is not guaranteed as scans do not always show the exact condition.

      We are only buying English cards right now. Quantities of Foils and Non Foils that we want are listed separately. We reserve the right to remove cards from the buylist at any point at our discretion.


  1. That's it! You will receive your payment after the grading is complete. We recommend you include a copy of your order with your cards to insure fast payment, as well as purchasing tracking and insurance for your cards, as we are not responsible for lost or damaged cards.
  2. Paypal payments and Cheque payments are completed each Monday. For Paypal payments, if you need it sooner, you can email us to request payment. Paypal payments are made in CAD. Paypal fees for international customers will be removed from the buylist payment.
  3. We require a minimum sale of $15 within the Canada and $20 Internationally if you are requesting to be paid via check.
  4. We are not responsible to pay any custom costs for buylists sent to us from outside of Canada. If there is a customs fee when we receive the buylist, it will be rejected and sent back to you.
  5. You can also receive a 15% bonus if you would rather trade your cards for store credit for your cards instead of cash. If you would like to trade instead of sell your cards just choose store credit as your payment option when submitting your buylist and we will issue you store credit instead of cash for your cards.